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Spreed the words!

2014-03-11 07:36:34 by GlindaIvyTheWitch

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The government is trying to pass SOPA AGAIN! that makes it so that every single person that uses any type of copyrighted material on the Internet will get fined and will go to jail. And this isn't just for the US. It's for the ENTIRE WORLD.  So our OCs, like ones in crystal Pegasus/mlp fim styles and hell even this journal skin! We will be fined just for making them. And those YouTubers who entertain us with Let's Plays! They will all go to jail! tealgamemasterPewdiepie, Captainsparklez, Smosh, Tobuscus, EVERYONE. and we have only 9 days to stop it this time!!! So PLEASE everyone, spread the word. re-post, tell your friends, tell everyone!

Sign this petition:

And we the people of the Internet will stop this madness once again!!!


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2014-03-12 23:22:33

I'd like a petition to eliminate the Democratic and Republican parties.... start over again with at least 5 parties.